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PF and ESI are two social security schemes available to employees working in India.

Eligibility for EPF Scheme:

EPF scheme applies to all type of establishment having 20+ Employees. For EPF, both the employee and the employer contribute an equal amount of 12% of the monthly salary of the employee. Employees can contribute more than 12% of their salary voluntarily, however the employer is not bound to match the extra contribution of the employee.

Eligibility for ESI Scheme:

ESI scheme applies to all types of establishments having 10+ employees. All Employee, whose monthly income does not exceed Rs.21,000 per month, are eligible to avail benefits under the ESI Scheme. Employee Contribution is 0.75% and Employer Contribution is 3.25%

Eligibility for MLWF Scheme:

MLWF scheme applies to all types of establishments having 5+ employees. Have to pay twice in a year. Employee Contribution Rs.12 and Employer Contribution Rs.36.

Eligibility for PT:

In Maharashtra Professional tax are applicable for both salaried and self-employed professionals who earn income working in government and private organizations and any other modes of employment

Labour law Compliance:

Labour Law Compliance is the mandatory rules and regulations which the companies have to follow. It regulates the companies, workers, and trade unions. Non-compliance with the laws can lead to punitive action towards the organisation. Labour Laws are imposed by the State as well as the Central Government.


Registration :
  • PF and ESI
  • MLWF
  • PT (Maharashtra)
  • Shop Act License
  • Contract Labour License
  • Principal Employer Registration
  • BOCW
  • Udyam Registration
Return Filing
  • Monthly Returns: PF, ESI and PT
  • Quarterly Return: Employment Exchange
  • Half Yearly Return: MLWF
  • Other Returns: Bonus, Gratuity, POSH, Shop act, Contract Labour Act, Factory Act etc
Labour Law Consultation:
  • Applicability of Labour Laws
  • Government Schemes and Benefits 
  • End to End Compliance
  • Claim Settlements
  • HR and Labour Law Audits
  • Record Keeping
  • HR Policy Formation
Helpdesk for Employees:
  • PF Claims
  • Pension Claims
  • Transfer Claims
  • ESIC Claims
  • Attending Employees issue
  • Awareness Programs on PF, ESI and Employee related issue
  • Facing Audits
  • Record Submission
  • Organization Changes

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